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Using the coming weeks to help you recover as quickly as possible

The current global pandemic has escalated quickly, with many businesses now moving to home working, and introducing widespread uncertainty about the months ahead.

At Ratio we instigated home working early on to protect our staff and their families, and to provide as much continuity of service as possible to our clients. However, we recognise that many businesses are going to be feeling the personal and professional impact of this crisis for weeks if not months to come, and the reality is that while life goes on things are going to slow down for many.

Therefore we want to do what we can to use our knowledge and resources for the betterment of our clients and network, to ensure organisations are able to make use of this time to prepare for full recovery in the best shape possible.

We’ve put together three short packages which we are offering free of charge to both our existing clients and our network. These will be granted on a selected basis depending on our monthly capacity, with our own clients taking priority, and are offered with no obligation. All work will necessarily be undertaken remotely.

Alongside our series of virtual roundtables that we will be running in the coming weeks, we hope this is a useful service we can provide in these turbulent times. If you’d like to speak to us about it, please email or fill in the form below.

Customer experience audit

We will look at your Sitecore solution, your KPIs, user research and data to help you formulate roadmap ideas around a specific customer need for how you can best leverage Sitecore to achieve your goals in the coming year.

We have significant experience in CX planning, data, integration, personalisation and testing, and can leverage our cross-sector knowledge to help you define a realistic and measurable scope of work.

– Review of your KPIs
– Analytics and data review
– High level roadmap and approach

Technical audit

Our developers each have several years of experience working with Sitecore, some since version 4. We regularly carry out technical best practice audits on new clients to identify areas of weakness and optimisation opportunity, and help to fine tune your solution to be as performant as possible.

We will provide you with some high level recommendations for improvements to your codebase and database architecture, and areas we advise further investigation.

– Codebase review
– Database review
– Architecture and editor review
– High level performance optimisation recommendations

Personalisation & Testing readiness

Our data & optimisation team focuses on how we can best optimise the on-site customer experience by leveraging personalisation and testing to better convert traffic to leads and customers, with a track record of rapid results.

We will assess your solution, data and KPIs to make initial recommendations on where you can see quick wins using the technologies you have, based on effort versus return.

– Review of your KPIs
– Readiness review of your implementation
– Analytics and data review
– Initial high value experiment recommendations

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