Sitecore 10 – what’s included in the latest release and why upgrade to Sitecore 10

With the release of Sitecore 10.0 –   we take a look under the hood at what’s new with the latest release.

So let’s dive in

Development improvements: New options for delivery of solutions including

  • Support for Sitecore Containers and Docker
  • A new ASP.NET Core SDK provides developers with additional headless development option and allows you to build your applications faster on the latest .NET technology
  • Sitecore CLI  and Sitecore for Visual Studio brings you headless serialization combining the best of TDS and Unicorn

Faster Sitecore development on the latest .net tech

  • Increase developer productivity with headless rendering architecture
  • More easily integrate Sitecore into your existing ASP.NET Core applications

For marketers and developers, there’s a lot of small and big improvements to the platform 

  • Faster personalisation reporting – additional tools to help easily manage thousands of personalisations rules 
  • Faster content delivery response times
  • Marketing automation expiry at scale 
  • Application map for xConnect services – monitor, diagnose and trace XP service requests on Micorosft Azure application map 
  • Faster xDB change tracking – faster processing of high volume of changes using fewer server resources

Content experience improvements 


  • Horizon editing interface  – introduced in Sitecore 9.3 and further enhanced in Sitecore 10. Editing improvements to help editors support multisite and multilingual sites.
  • New Email templates out of the box
  • Enhanced privacy features
  • Personalisation enabled on CMS only installations


Salesforce marketing automation 

For those companies who have integrated their Salesforce marketing cloud platform into Sitecore, version 10.0 has some new under the hood improvements to make this a more compelling proposition. 

  • No more waiting for nightly synchronisation of customer data with data now synced in real-time between Sitecore and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 
  • Send real-time customer xDB data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Take advantage of live data by placing visitors into marketing automation plans 

Helping marketers to easier connect with customers 

  • Easier email creation – for those marketers who are using Sitecore EXM to manage their marketing campaigns, new email templates have been added to help manage your campaign creation. 
  • Marketing automation improvements for more granular targeting 
  • Deeper insights with analytics reports – you can now filter reports by marketing segment

Horizon editing improvements 

Horizon editing was a major new addition when released with Sitecore 9.3. With Sitecore 10.0 Horizon now has added new editing features. 

  • Multisite and multilingual now supported: Horizon now supports site and language selectors in the application bar to allow you to use the new editing experience with your multisite and multilingual solutions 
  • Ability to edit metadata directly within the Horizon editing experience  

Greater support for data privacy compliance 

Right to be forgotten: 


  • Sitecore teams now have the flexibility to enable anonymisation of personal information submitted through Sitecore forms


Right to object 


  • Visitors now have greater voice over the use of their data with new consent features
  • Development teams can now easily configure sites to require explicit content before tracking starts
  • Automatically disable tracking if visitor revokes the consent


Why Upgrade to Sitecore 10.0?

  • Consistent UI – use either Experience editor (a what you see if what you get experience) and the new Horizon editing interface. 
  • Continuously aggregate data: with a 360 – degree view of your customers. With Sitecore XP 10.0, Sitecore’s xDB offers marketers the ability to continuously capture, aggregate, track and report on customer and content interaction data in real-time
  • Fully headless with multiple content development models, including MVC, SXA, JSS and ASP.NET Core.
  • Sitecore containers: support rapid infrastructure-as-code deployment 
  • Take advantage of data collection at scale: leverage the xConnext API to collect and connect to multiple data stores
  • Advanced customer segmentation: enhancements in Sitecore XP 10.0 allow for deeper insights on audience engagement and segmentation to provide a single view of each customer