Designing digital strategies which are measurable, achievable and will drive value. But where to start?

Designing the best digital experience possible isn’t meant to be easy. Otherwise, everyone would have perfection nailed down.

We understand that companies do not have unlimited budgets and years to try, fail and try again to get things right.

Which is why Ratio’s dedicated strategy, research and data team fully immerse themselves into your business, to understand yours and your customers’ challenges in order to build strategic plans which are built around solving your business challenges.

  • Research
  • Business Analysis
  • User Testing
  • Data analysis
  • User Research
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Heuristic review

Sitecore development

Ratio enables brands to leverage the power of the Sitecore platform to build and deliver dynamic digital experiences which are tailored around how your customers interact with you.

  • Sitecore website builds
  • Sitecore development and support
  • Integrations
  • Sitecore marketing enablement



Digital Experience Management

Both digital personalisation and conversion rate optimisation are powerful tools for enhancing and improving your digital performance, however, when they are harnessed together, they can really supercharge how your website works, how customers engage with it and the sales you’re able to achieve.

If you are personalising messages to a specific audience but not considering or optimising the journey you are leading them through, you are only gaining half the benefit.

Similarly, if you are optimising a journey without considering the visitors or customers’ needs, you are not fully maximising the benefits of the changes you’ve made.

We refer to this harnessing as CXel – Customer Experience Excellence – put simply it is about utilising your digital capabilities to present engaging, compelling & personalised omnichannel experiences to all visitors & customers

It is about focusing on personalising & tailoring the whole customer experience, not just a specific moment, marketing message or journey.

It is about using everything you know about your visitors & customers to recognise, anticipate, meet & exceed their needs & expectations – doing so in engaging ways regardless of the channel of interaction and ultimately helping to build long-term, strong and rewarding relationships.

24/7 Support

Even with the best-built solution, technology and users can sometimes be unpredictable. Our support services give you an online ticketing, prioritisation process, and primary/secondary developer model to ensure swift resolution of any issues, and our optional 24/7 support gives you complete coverage even outside of business hours.

  • 24/7 solution support
  • Managed cloud hosting and ongoing support

Training and enablement

For everything we build, we will provide comprehensive documentation and editor training so that your team can start using it from day one. Our training can be provided on-site, online, or even as an on-demand e-learning module. Backed up by our editor support services, you’ll never be alone as you build out your site content.


  • Team enablement
  • Bespoke training
  • On-demand support for internal marketing teams

Supercharge your Sitecore marketing platform

A well-built site will only perform so well. Our CRO team will take you to the next level and help you to fully leverage Sitecore’s DXM capabilities to implement data-driven and measurable targeted customer experiences that directly impact on your business objectives. We are industry leaders in developing personalisation, testing and automation programs, working hand-in-hand with your team to work out the “why, how and where” of targeting your customer personas, scaling this across your site, and integrating with your CRM and email platforms to deliver truly measurable multi-channel experiences.

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