Supercharge your lead generation

Sales Intelligence for Sitecore

Enabling your sales teams with individual opportunity data in real time

Drive intelligent sales conversations by turning web traffic into leads

Introducing Ratio’s “Sales Intelligence for Sitecore”, a lead-generation platform that plugs directly into Sitecore’s deep analytics data to surface the best-qualified individual leads from your website visitors.

With the platform, you have complete flexibility over how you create lead scores to identify the hottest opportunities, identify individual users from website, form and email interactions, and get information into the hands of salespeople in real-time.

Now you really can identify opportunities at the individual level

Intelligent sales prospecting

  • Identify and act on the hottest sales leads
  • Use Sitecore’s xDB to connect & extract intel on individuals
  • Alert sales people when users hit lead score thresholds
  • Understand what your prospects and customers are interested in
  • Drive powerful and informed sales conversations
  • Track prospects as they engage with your brand content
  • Automate your sales flow
  • Prioritise lead followup with intelligent lead scoring


“We’ve used Leadforensics for years and struggled to know who are prospects really are, but with the Sales Intelligence for Sitecore platform we can finally give our sales and account management teams the individual data they’ve been asking for”

Digital Marketing Manager – global insurance provider

Product features:

  • Track all recent activity at individual level as well as company IP
  • Create bespoke lead score models from Sitecore data, including company, number/recency of visits, service interest, key events, engagement value, and more
  • Create lists of target customers and assign them to salespeople for a more focused view
  • Alert sales teams when a user hits your lead score threshold
  • Custom filtering, for example, to show all users who downloaded a key brochure or whitepaper
  • Complete control over triaging and allocation of companies and individuals
  • Trigger personalised content for a hot lead user on their next website visit
  • Minor configuration and setup to get you moving quickly

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