enabling personalised customer experiences

CXel – Customer Experience Excellence

There are only two sources of competitive advantage:

The ability to learn about our customers faster than the competition

The ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition

– Jack Welch, former CEO, General Electric

Both digital personalisation and conversion rate optimisation are powerful tools for enhancing and improving your digital performance, however, when they are harnessed together they can really supercharge how your website works, how customers engage with it and the sales you’re able to achieve.

If you are personalising messages to a specific audience but not considering or optimising the journey you are leading them through, you are only gaining half the benefit.

Similarly, if you are optimising a journey without considering the visitors or customers’ needs, you are not fully maximising the benefits of the changes you’ve made.

We refer to this harnessing as CXel – customer experience excellence – put simply it is about utilising your digital capabilities to present engaging, compelling and personalised omnichannel experiences to all visitors and customers

It is about focusing on personalising and tailoring the whole customer experience, not just a specific moment, marketing message or journey.

It is about using everything you know about your visitors and customers to recognise, anticipate, meet and exceed their needs and expectations – doing so in engaging ways regardless of the channel of interaction and ultimately helping to build long-term, strong and rewarding relationships.

Typical challenges CXel – Customer Experience Excellence framework works with you to solve:

Set-up / integration issues 

  • Don’t have any capabilities but want to get started
  • Not sure how to get the most of your marketing technologies?
  • Not sure how to use the technology we have
  • Not collecting, using, reporting data correctly?
  • Not fully exploiting your existing technologies, with suppliers more concerned with upselling additional tech than getting the most out of what you already have


Site performance 

  • Don’t know who your visitors are?
  • Don’t know what their needs are?
  • Have too many unknown visitors

Conversion performance 

  • Not enough traffic is entering sales journeys
  • Sales journeys not converting on XXX device
  • Traffic not converting through the funnel
  • How to balance finite testing & experimentation with always-on targeting & personalisation?
  • What’s the difference between targeting & personalisation – targeting is company driven – (targeting a specific group), whereas personalisation is customer-focused – about taking that group through a specific customer experience.

CRO/Personalisation programme

  • How do we scale our programme?
  • How do we create and manage a backlog of test ideas/hypotheses?
  • How do we increase the programme by X?
  • How do we maintain stakeholder buy-in to conversion optimisation
  • Our programme isn’t delivering the results we need?
  • How do we maintain momentum?
  • How do we make the programme sustainable?

Digital marketing performance 

  • Acquisition costs too high
  • No consistency in the marketing message, channels not aligning or working together
  • Low customer satisfaction (such as NPS) scores