The client:

An international bank with operations in over 50 countries worldwide.

The challenge:

The bank had been live on their new content and customer experience platform for three years when Ratio were initially engaged. The marketing team had acquired a suit of technologies including Adobe Target, Tealium, Eloqua and more to deliver on their customer experience ambitions, but were struggling to deliver value from their investments through a combination of lack of resources, time and knowledge.

Ratio were invited in to help kick start this process, and have been instrumental in leading data-driven initiatives which directly address user needs and deliver a direct return on marketing spend for the business, as well as changing the way the bank views and services its customers.

What we did:

  • Beginning with a personalisation proof of concept to demonstrate how simple user journeys could be tailored to an individual, we quickly moved into larger strategic work to help the bank to deliver on their business objectives. This included:
  • Building a measurement framework of KPIs and objectives which allowed us to undertake an in-depth analytics review of key market websites
  • Presenting a series of recommendations for optimising user journeys to better meet the observed needs of customers on these sites
  • Redesigning the global Commercial Banking homepage based on analytics data and using an ultra flexible suite of page components built to Sitecore best practice to allow local markets to create bespoke versions of their homepages that directly address their local users’ needs
  • Creating a suite of ultra flexible page components to allow complete control over design and layout
  • Rolling out personalisation and testing on Adobe Target across four market sites on a monthly “review and increment” model
  • Redesigning and implementing a single consistent branch locator tool across all country sites, focusing on usability, mobile compatibility, accessibility, and personalisation
  • Building a bespoke content distribution hub to centralise the creation and sharing of all content being created within the bank


The strategic outcome of the work undertaken by Ratio with the bank has been opening up and leveraging the capabilities of the technologies in place within the bank, and creating a development and optimisation model which is based on data and behaviour mapped against defined KPIs.

By taking this approach we have set the bank on a journey which allows them greater control and flexibility to cater for local market websites on a global platform, by baking in best practice and flexibility to everything we deliver. The new homepage has already been met with positive feedback from the content team who no longer have to work within technical constraints to serve local market needs.

The optimisation program has also helped deliver results in a short period of time, with initial tests to drive returning users to appropriate product application pages based on previous behaviour already yielding a 24% increase result, which is a major win and immediate ROI based on calculated average customer value.

By taking this data-driven approach, Ratio is continuing to roll out further new development and optimisation initiatives to take the bank into 2019 and make it a truly market-leading provider for commercial banking customers in a continually evolving landscape.