Is your Sitecore website holding you back?

Inflexible templates, not enough data, expensive to make changes, unable to personalise, can’t spin up optimised campaign pages… sound familiar?

You’re not alone.

During this video, we’ll explore, the fundamental best-practice building blocks in place to really take advantage of the platform’s full capabilities.

We’ll run you through why it doesn’t have to cost the earth to start making progress.

In this video we’ll give you our insiders tips for the common challenges that Sitecore customers face and how you can start your journey to overcome them:

What we will cover:

  • What you should expect to see in a well-built Sitecore website
  • Common shortcuts to watch out for that will cost you in the long run
  • Making your templates and components hyperflexible to cope with anything the business throws at you
  • Ensuring you’re personalisation-ready
  • How to fix what you already have without breaking the bank



Webinar: Supercharging your B2B digital engagement strategy

There’s one common challenge facing B2B organisations. The continual drive to show how digital can deliver measurable value to their businesses, by generating high-quality leads and attributing value to each touchpoint throughout the marketing and sales pipeline.

During this webinar, we will showcase actionable digital strategies which you can use in your day to day digital marketing:

In this webinar we’ll explore:

  • How to target the customers and segments that matter
  • How to identify individuals for one-to-one conversations
  • Creating content journeys that truly engage
  • Building lead scoring into your customer engagement plans
  • Extracting the business intelligence your sales team needs


Sitecore 10 Release What’s New, Why Upgrade and How To Start Using The New Features

Since the release of Sitecore 10 earlier this year, the team at Ratio have spent their time pulling the new platform apart to provide you with an update on what’s new, what will be most useful and how you should begin planning to use the new features:

Join us for this practical session as we run through the latest release from Sitecore


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Humanising the Customer Experience

  • How to add the human to the Digital Customer Experience
  • The role of AI in scaling human experiences
  • Why it’s not data that matters but data density
  • How to act in real-time
  • Driving connected experiences
  • Build detailed customer profiles


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How to design a highly personalised legal website and experience

Who is this webinar for?

  • Marketers working in professional services who are looking to design and optimise their website around their client’s needs

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Designing website experiences with clients needs in mind
  • Bringing your value proposition forward
  • The importance of building a single client view
  • Breaking down the disconnect between marketing systems
  • Digital data: its role in driving continual client experience improvements


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