‘Behind the clicks’: the Financial Services optimisation webinar takeaways

Delivering a successful optimisation programme in Financial Services and Insurance

Optimisation in Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) sector

Following our recent ‘Behind the clicks: the FS edition’ webinar, in this blog, we’ve summarised key insights to consider when delivering optimisation programmes in the Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) sector.

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Customer-centric website optimisation:

Many FSI companies build their digital presence based on internal perspectives rather than customer needs. Shifting towards a customer-centric approach ensures alignment with customer expectations and delivers superior experiences.

Streamlining collaboration:

Fragmentation within FSI journeys often arises from disjointed channel, product and process ownership. Streamlining collaboration ensures a cohesive journey for customers, addressing their whole experience with a brand rather than fragmented interactions.

Leveraging marketing technology:

Maximising the potential of your existing marketing technology is crucial. Integrating and leveraging tech solutions effectively can help with meeting customer demands.

Accelerating experimentation:

A culture of experimentation drives innovation and agility. Overcoming barriers such as stakeholder buy-in and disconnected processes accelerates the pace of experimentation, fostering continuous improvement.

Strategic KPIs for optimisation programmes:

Setting strategic KPIs for optimisation programmes is essential. Metrics like experiment velocity versus capacity, time-to-market, experiment insights, and defect rates provide actionable insights for programme enhancement.

The power of customer insights:

Harnessing all available sources of customer insights fuels optimisation success. Techniques like journey matrixes and comprehensive journey mapping empower marketers to prioritise efforts and drive impactful optimisation programmes.

Service design for internal alignment:

Service design offers a holistic approach to address internal challenges hindering customer experiences. By understanding internal processes and pain points, organisations can drive meaningful improvements.

Embracing objectivity with the LIFT model:

Marketers must internalise that they are not the customer. Utilising frameworks like the LIFT model fosters objectivity, enabling marketers to truly understand customer perspectives and tailor experiences accordingly.

Watch ‘Behind the clicks: the Financial Services edition’ webinar recording